21 September 2011

Happiness is a Personal Choice – Make It Happen!

We shouldn’t spend our time worrying – we should search to find our own version of happiness.
Are you one of those people who feel it’s up to others to bring happiness to you, instead of going out and finding it yourself? If so, get ready for a long wait. Nobody, absolutely nobody, can make you happy – it’s a personal choice and only you can make that choice.
Have you ever thought . . . I’ll be happy if only he marries me, or I’ll be happy if only we buy this house, or I’ll be happy if only I get that promotion? Wishing doesn’t make for happiness, personal action does. Rather than wait on the sidelines for elusive happiness or contentment to find you, get out there and make it happen! Deep inside each of us is the ability and energy to make our lives wonderful. Of course we all have challenges, but it’s our outlook on life that will influence how we embrace those challenges.
No matter how many negatives may surround us, there is always, always a glimmer of hopeful happiness to be discovered. Choose to live and be happy in the NOW.
Three Essentials to Happiness in this Life:
·         Something to do
·         Something to love
·         Something to hope for

14 September 2011

Make the necessary changes with Confidence ...

Ever wondered why we hurt so much and sometimes just feel like we can’t move on emotionally? Why can’t we get those memories out of our heads and heart? The fact is, the more you try to stay strong, the more weak moments you have. The truth is… we are doing it to ourselves.

Why does love have to be so complicated? It doesn’t have to be but it does require work from both parties. The simple fact is that you cannot make someone love you. The more pleasant moments you create between two people regardless if you are just starting a relationship or trying to get back together, the better your chances at reuniting and learning to love all over again. Learn to build your confidence and self-worth BEFORE you start to create positive moments.
It is important to listen and not push. Anything you push hard enough will break. If your partner asks for time…give them all the time they need within limits. This is a very difficult lesson to learn but in the long run, there is someone out there that will be thankful every day and NEVER dream of leaving you. No one lives your life for you. Be careful that you are so busy trying to find someone to love you that I stop loving yourself.  Take responsibility for your own happiness and find the confidence within yourself to change for YOU.