25 June 2014

Mistakes You Shouldn't Make After a Breakup


We all lose someone we love at some point. People come in and come out of our lives from time to time. In some cases, you can say that a break up results in the same feelings as the death of someone you love. The process of grieving the loss of a relationship can be quite similar. Many people don't know how to cope with a break up especially if it is their first relationship. While letting yourself grieve is important, there are some tips that you should know about how to go on after a breakup. If you are wondering how to pull the pieces of your life back together then following are some mistakes you should be sure to avoid:

1 - Contacting your ex all the time. This will only cause your ex to run away and sabotage any chances of you becoming friends after the relationship. Also, it may take longer for you to heal if you maintain contact, since you'll also be exposing yourself to the drama of constantly hearing news about your ex (or their new partner).

2 - Spending more than your means. Lots of people think that buying new stuff will help with the depression. This actually doesn't do anything to help with the grieving process. It only distracts you from what you are truly feeling and drains your bank account.

3 - Eating too much. Although it may make you feel better for a while, food is never the answer to depression. And an expanding waistline will only make you feel worse.

4 - Starting to drink, smoke or take up any vices. These vices only provide temporary relief for yourself. However, these habits could only do worse as they lead to health complications or addictions overtime.


5 - Befriending people who are not supportive. When we lose our self-esteem, we tend to hang around with people who only damage our confidence further. This is the worst way to handle the situation. What you need right now are positive people who can bring back your self confidence.

6 - Seeing someone else. This is the biggest mistake people usually make. You've only broke up last week and you already think you are ready to start something new? You're moving too fast when what you need right now is some time off.

Surviving a break up can be very traumatic. In fact, lots of people don't know how to go on after a break up and find themselves struggling. It may be one of the hardest things you've done in your life. If this is the case, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Many have gone through the experience and lived to tell the tale. You might even learn a few things as you allow yourself the time to grieve. Start being happy with yourself again. You know that you can always trust yourself. Don't be too tough on yourself during this time. Give yourself time and you will find healing.

17 June 2014

3 Easy Steps To Help You Be More Outgoing


How to be more outgoing has a lot to do with your environment. You’ll find that if you’re shy and socially awkward you’ll quite often be in environments that are probably low-key and something you’re familiar with. It can get very uncomfortable when you throw yourself into places like clubs and parties where you don’t know how to fit in. And quite often you’ll find very outgoing people hanging around in these places.
If you learn how to be more outgoing it feels like an open ticket to just about any social environment, it’s incredibly easy to fit in afterwards. The reason you’re not comfortable in the party and club scene is because you probably stay away from it.
It’s a matter of getting familiar in that environment.
So your job is to surround yourself in these places whenever you can. You’ll see it’s easier to orient yourself as you go out more and more and confidence is built because it doesn’t feel foreign anymore.
Yeah I get it, it’s daunting and intimidating just going through this process but remember the key on how to be more outgoing is FAMILIARITY.

Fortunately there are 3 steps that will make this process much easier for you:.

Step 1
The first thing I want you to do is get yourself a wing-man.
In the dating world a wing-man is someone who helps you out while you’re trying to get a woman’s phone number. But in this case the purpose of your wing-man is to go to social events with you. Ideally he’s just as shy or introverted as you are and wants to change that.

Step 2
Go to social events with your wing-man whether it’s parties, clubs or wherever. Make it a habit, so this time if you’re feeling intimidated or left out at parties you’re not alone.

Step 3
Start conversations together. Go up to people you want to speak to and say something. When they respond to what you said make sure it’s your wing-man who responds back. And this rolls into a natural group dynamic with a simple yet effective conversation technique.
You’ll find that how to be more outgoing is less daunting when you use the first 3 Steps. As you do it more often your confidence begins to grow.


5 June 2014

Flirting For Guys - How To Be Successful!

Let's first have a look at exactly how you ought to approach an interaction with a girl if you really want to be successful.  Flirting isn't about impressing girls. It has to do with revealing your interest in a woman and doing it in a fun, subtle manner. When it's done appropriately, flirting is a way for a guy and a girl to learn whether they're attracted to each other.

Flirting is not impressing her!
To begin with, your goal is not to impress her or to show off. This is the part about flirting that men mess up the most. Flirting is not about showing off! If you hear a guy talking to a girl about his expensive car, his executive job, or his massive bank account, he might believe he's flirting but he's in fact trying to impress her, and probably failing at that.
In truth, flirting isn't really about impressing girls. It has to do with revealing your interest in a woman and doing it in a fun, subtle manner.

Exactly what is flirting then?
When it's done right, flirting is a means for a guy and a girl to find out whether they're attracted to each other.  Here's the thing. If you approach a girl and say, "Hello, you're cute, want to come home with me?" - that isn't flirting. It's being incredibly direct and forward. It bypasses all the build-up of the mating ritual and will generally turn a girl off.
However, if you walk up to a woman, smile at her, get her to laugh, make great eye contact, and possibly wink... all this things conveys interest to her.
While communicating interest is good, you don't want to stop there. You want your flirting to not just let her know that you're interested, but you also want to learn whether she's going to return your interest.
If she does return it, it's an excellent sign, keep going! If not, you need to choose quickly whether you should alter tactics or walk away.

Always remember exactly what your goal is.
Basically, as a man your goal is to convey two things in your flirting:
1) Your masculinity
2) Your self-confidence
Girls find both of these characteristics very attractive. Communicate them indirectly and non-verbally, and you'll have girls feeling warm and tingly when they think of you. Women are empathetic and emotional creatures - they react to feelings and strong emotions. So if you convey your confidence and your male sexuality when you flirt, girls WILL respond!