10 June 2016

5 Rules to Make Great First Dates


Below are five first date rules. These rules can probably be modified and applied in your life generally for being very likable and attractive on dates or anywhere else. These are easy tweaks that should make dating easier, and more fun, no matter what the outcome.

1. Ease up on the expectations by playing a different game. Ask yourself a question. Why are you on the market and dating right now? Is it because you’re lonely. Is it because your clock is ticking and you’re husband shopping? Is it because you feel like you “should” be in a relationship?
The answer to that question should be, “I’m dating because I really dig men and I’m having a blast.” Setting the intention to date for fun, allows you to be in the present moment with a guy and enjoy his company without worrying about what will or won’t happen next. Dating is always a numbers game. Most people date many, many people before finding “the one”. So, you may as well set your compass for fun and enjoy the process. Dating for dating sake needs to be enjoyable. If you can’t dial in on dating as a good time, you probably need to take a break for awhile.

2. Talk less, listen more. A first date is not a job interview. You shouldn’t be selling yourself or any of your great qualities on your first date. I’m sure you think you aren’t doing that. However, it can come off that way unconsciously very easily. So, make it a point to ask a lot of questions, and do a lot more listening than you do talking.

3. Avoid interviewing your date. While your job is to ask more questions and listen more, avoid asking the kind of questions that might make a person feel like they are being interviewed. We all know the hot button questions to avoid on a first date, and yet I’m amazed how often first date conversation drifts to marriage, kids, and ex’s anyway. Don’t do it. Keep the conversation, engaging. It’s not an inquisition.

4. Be the kind of woman a man can picture taking home to mom. Basically, be classy, not sexy on a first date. I know all of this might sound super obvious, but when you’re nervous, it’s easy to let some obvious things slip. Be appropriate. Use your best manners. Keep your drinking to a minimum. Watch your language. Behave in a way that leaves you free and clear of any cringe worthy moments you might regret.

5. Be your own good time. Don’t outsource your feel good. Don’t depend on your date or anyone else to show you a nice evening. You decide how you want to feel, and bring that to the date rather than waiting for someone else to deliver it. No one can actually make you feel confident, appreciated, or excited. So, if you want those things, bring them yourself. A woman who brings her own good time is very pleasant to be around. An easy smile is the best cosmetic.