1 December 2014

Why Women Dump Men - Do You Know Why She Left You?


If you really stop and think about it you might still have a difficult time figuring out why women dump men. That's because many men still find women to be a huge mystery. It's part of their charm most of the time but in moments like these can be the bane of your existence. The good news is that women are not as difficult to figure out as you've been taught they are.

They really only want one thing from you: an abundance of appreciation. She works hard to make your life run smoothly. She does the dishes, cooks your meals, washes your clothes, folds your socks, and even cleans your bathroom. In fact, she does many of these things so well you might not even notice that she's doing them.

That's when the trouble starts. She doesn't realize that by not noticing these things it's actually a compliment to her (because we all know you'd notice if dinner wasn't getting made or your lunches weren't getting packed every morning). I bet she even sets the coffee pot so that you have a nice piping hot cup of much needed caffeine every morning. Have you told her how much you appreciate all these little things she does that makes your life easier?  If not, give it a try and watch how quickly everything about her just lights up and glows. She does this for you. She wants to make you happy. That makes her happy. All she really needs in return is for her efforts to be noticed and appreciated.

Some men mistake this for high maintenance but she does a lot in return for the appreciation she's asking for. It's a fair trade unless you really want to mate your own socks, cook your own meals, and clean your own toilets for the rest of your life. The reason I say this is that all women want to be appreciated for these little things and that lack of appreciation is one of the major reasons why women dump men. It will eventually become a bone of contention in all your relationships if you don't master it early and learn it well.

Brownie Points
Do you want to know how to score a few extra special brownie points in the appreciation department? She'll be speechless and feel so loved when you do this. Offer to do all these things for her for one day while she goes out and gets her nails or hair done. Give her a day off and you take on the jobs she does for you all the time. You might even get tears of joy, a lot of respect, and some very personal adoration from her as a result.
Knowing why women dump men can help you avoid this situation. Now that you know what she needs, what are you going to do to make sure she gets it?