25 March 2014

Safe Online Dating Advice for Women

Online dating has become quite popular. Most people date online due to lack of time. Also, people expect to find someone interesting through dating or chatting sites. They can attract someone because of their temperament in spite of their looks. Dating sites have grown to large numbers and continue to become more popular.

There are some online dating tips and etiquette that  everyone should abide by. A woman can't act desperate, even though she may be, on a dating website. Take it as dating advice that a woman should never reveal her personal information because it can be used for stalking purposes. Also, don't be so hasty in replying to emails sent. It conveys that you were just waiting for them.  Also, block all the people who use swear words in their chats.


Some of them even start talking about sex which is not decent. Also, a woman should not start sending emails to men she locates through networking sites. Men consider such women absurd. Also, showing a revealing photo of yours is not advisable. Try to look pretty and attractively dressed.

A man should not be given too much time. If he does not send a response to your emails after 3 days, he's not interested. Also, only chat with one man at a time. When you are chatting with many men, then slow down your replies so that you remember who you are responding to. This is very important. Getting men confused because you are talking to too many at one time can be very embarrassing.

Women should never talk about their sexual prowess in their profiles. It is very indecent and gives the wrong impression. A woman should have a good sense of humor. This implies that you are interesting to talk to which makes men eager to meet you. Do not talk to anyone before knowing at least some credentials. This ensures that you do not end up meeting a criminal. Online chatting is not always for dating. Sometimes, you can chat with someone for shorter durations to maintain interest.

When the time comes to arrange a face to face meeting, make sure you go to a public place.  A good idea is to start with meeting for coffee, as this gives you the opportunity of making the meeting short, or if things go well, arranging for further dates.


15 March 2014

Men: How to Make The First Date Go Well!

Congratulations, she said YES to a date! Now what, panic? There are some simple things you can do to help smooth along a first date and maximise the chances of it being a great date so read our first  date advice and see if it helps you.

First you need to decide where your date should be. We've put together some great first date ideas to inspire you but the most important thing is to choose something that suits you and you think she'll like. Make sure your chosen first date idea will give you chance to talk, but maybe provide some distraction too. A coffee or lunch are good as they can be as short or lingering as the situation dictates whereas dinner does tend to promote lingering, which may, or may not, be ideal!

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Next, it's a good idea to prepare yourself for the conversation you'll have with your date. First dates should be about exchange of ideas and information, so don't monopolize the conversation and give her a chance to talk, but also tell her something about yourself to make her feel comfortable and see that you're being open and friendly.  (Don't make the entire conversation about yourself - this give a bad impression of being self centered). Confidence is possibly the single most attractive feature a man can possess ... but it's a fine line between confidence and arrogance.  When it come to getting to know her, it shouldn't be an interrogation and firing question after question at her will make her feel uncomfortable.  If there is an uncomfortable silence then having prepared a couple of topics beforehand will undoubtedly help the situation flow more smoothly; Think of a couple of serious topics you can ask your date questions about ... just make sure you have an opinion on them too!


* Think of a couple of serious topics you can ask her opinion on. For example, something topical such as the environment or a book or piece of art that's received some press attention recently.

* Think of a couple of amusing anecdotes about your life you can share with her. This is a great thing to do as it makes you appear open and honest which will make her more comfortable whilst demonstrating you can be an amusing conversationalist.

* Make a list of things not to talk about - ex girlfriends for example are a definite no-no, as is your
obsession with late night drinking with your mates seven days a week.

Get yourself into the right frame of mind before your date. No-one wants to date a grumpy man so
make sure that you go to the date feeling positive and upbeat. Confidence is possibly the single most attractive feature a man can possess so make sure you're feeling confident about yourself - tell yourself you are an attractive and interesting person, that the date is going to be a good experience and you are looking forward to it and it will be a success and you should go into it feeling great which will show!

Get your grooming and hygiene sorted. There is no excuse for not being clean and presentable on a date. Making no effort will be perceived as disrespectful as she will assume you simply couldn't be bothered. You don't need to arrive looking like a catwalk model in all the latest fashion but you should be showered, shaved if appropriate, have cleaned your teeth and be wearing washed and ironed clothes. If you normally wear aftershave then do so but don't bathe in it, subtlety is the better part of attraction!

Watch your manners. There are very few ladies who don't appreciate having a door held open for them, being shown to a table and allowed to sit first and being told she looks lovely. Just do it with sincerity and be natural, tripping her up in a race to reach the door first tends to mean the gesture loses impact!


 o Dating tip: avoid politically intense or sensitive areas and heavy religious discussion on a first date unless you have specifically chosen a date on their political or religious viewpoint.
o Dating tip: it's obvious but... make sure you have an opinion on the topic too, otherwise you'll look a bit stupid!
o Dating tip: don't choose a topic you have no interest in whatsoever as it'll show!

7 March 2014

Survey says: South African Singles are lonesome

Millions of people recently celebrated Valentine's Day around the world, and it seems South Africans are facing a stark reality: they are love-starved.
According to a survey released, more than 32% single adults admit to feeling depressed and anxious about not finding love.
In the poll, conducted by a well known generic pharmaceutical specialising in medication for the treatment of depression and anxiety - three in 10 of the 529 single adults polled nationally, said being single makes them feel lonely, 12% said they felt less attractive and 36% blamed themselves for their loveless situation.
However, the majority (89%) still firmly believes in true love and 76% said that finding that special someone would contribute greatly to their overall state of happiness.
A spokesperson for the company said the today's young people are finding it harder to find long-term relationships.
According to the poll, the gym, book and dance clubs are popular hangouts for single South Africans.

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More than 35% of respondents said they are confident about finding their match online, while 26% cited the workplace, 23% the supermarket, 22% the park and 16% still relied on the local pub to produce their perfect mate.  Altogether 55% said they withdraw from dating opportunities and reject suitors based on past experiences.

The overall experience of online dating, and the ability to filter and specify the type of person you want to meet and date is gaining huge popularity around the world.  The ability to meet somebody online who you may never have met without the online dating site is a positive aspect to the process of signing up, profiling yourself and enjoying the experience of finding that "special someone".

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