7 December 2016

10 Things You Can Do To Capture a Woman's Heart


 1. Security
Show your woman that she is safe with you.
Show her that she can share her inner self with you and you have the strength to hold her up.

2. Open Book
Share things with her about your daily routine not because she may be insecure and not trust you.
This act creates trust and gives her the security of feeling that you have nothing to hide.
This makes her feel as if you want to share your life with her.

3. One on One Time
Find quality time that is dedicated just for her…

4. Cuddling
Periodically, decline sex.  No matter how bad you want it; refrain and opt for cuddling instead.
Hold her and allow her to feel safe with you with no strings attached.
Although sex is very vital to a relationship, allow her to have that moment of being held in the comfort of your arms.

5. Thinking of You
Pay attention to the things that make her smile.
Send her unsolicited flowers, handwritten cards, gifts…
Schedule a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant…

6. Public Acknowledgment
Shout outs on social media or other public acknowledgement shows her she is number one in your life and you want the world to know it.
Hold her hand or show affection at group events with your closest friends and family.

7. Great Sex
You can never go wrong with spontaneous hardcore sex.
Switch things up and keep it interesting.
Show her you are only interested in her satisfaction.

8. Get Rid of the Drama
Check your ex girlfriends, stalkers and/or baby mommas.
If that doesn’t work, offer to allow her to do so.
This act shows her you are truly over your past relationship(s) and you are ready to move on.

9. Consistency
Be consistent with your actions.  Do not start something and then abruptly change your routine.
Do not suddenly lose interest in the small things you did to win her heart.

10. Respectful Listener
Attentively listen to her and respect her opinions.