28 July 2011

Why Your Peer Group Is So Important

In life, our peer group (i.e. the people we spend most of our time with) has a massive effect on everything we do and think. I can’t emphasize its importance enough; for example, if all-day, everyday you were surrounded by friends at the peak of physical fitness, who saw health as the most important thing in the world, it’s pretty likely that eventually you would start to change your diet and be healthy as well (if only to keep up with them!).Our peer group can spur us on to the greatest of heights, or pull us down and make it feel like there’s a chain around our neck anytime we try to improve ourselves. What we need to do is build a peer group that serves us. When we’re around people who have the same goals as us, who won’t let us off the hook, who check up on our progress, that’s what drives us to create the best results.

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