30 June 2019

Guys: Overcome Your Fear of Rejection

Approaching anxiety is the only thing keeping most men from love, unwavering confidence, and true happiness. Unless you start overcoming your approach anxiety, you could be lonely for a long time to come.

Of course you can learn a few great conversation starters, but then what? What will you do next..., and what if she rejects you in front of everyone?   How will your friends react? Will this ruin your night?

Your anxiety could not only keep you from meeting a girlfriend, but it could a negative impact on the rest of your life.  Fear of rejection from women could spill over into fear of rejection from anyone.

Do you feel as though everyone is watching you, and that they would laugh at you if I messed it up? 

What you should realize is that people don't care about what is going on with you or the next guy.  People don't really care about what you are doing, because the majority of the time people are caught up thinking about themselves!

Overcoming approach anxiety is more than just learning how to approach women. You also need to learn how to:

1) Have unwavering confidence in yourself

2) Have the skill to engage a female in an ongoing and interesting conversation

3) Create attraction with a woman right away

4) Easily take things to the next stage with a woman

Without those things, you will never experience true success with women. Most of your approach attempts will not make a good first impression, which will only make it harder to overcome your approach anxiety.

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